alfa00_1405_1: “Global Armistice: Urgent Message from Birds!”

alfa00_TTNews reports: Urgent Message to Humans from Avians Intercepted: “We Are Calling for Armistice during Cicada Lifetime Song, Please! We are calling for a Truce: stop ALL hostilities on the planet Earth during Sacred Cicada 17* Lifetime Song, please! We are calling for Armistice for all!” The Ministry of Sounds comments: If the Humanity would follow this Truce, how this experience would effect their next steps in Aftermath? *After 17 years underground, Brood X - Cicadas, will be emerging while singing and calling for insects to be recognized as equal citizens of Earth! In support of Insect 1Voices Movement there are organized sessions by United Entities for Well-Being of Solar System & Everything Else. www.unisol.bandcamp.com

Article in “kwatarese”* was recorded “live” (no post-production) 14.05.202(1) starting 7:11 PM (time-zone Ireland) by correspondent for alfa_AAzine Slavek Kwi. www.alfa00.bandcamp.com/

*abstract multi-dimensional meta-language resemblant to human concept of “music” using the surrounding audio-environment as interface (WSi = weather sensitive installation) of connection in between transmitting and intercepting parties simultaneously. “Kwatarese” is more focused on sharing the experience rather than information, looking for creating irrational sense of balance and resonance in between participating elements.

Set up for recording: WSi: various chimes (metal, bamboo, polystyrene foam), sound-flags, prepared gong, airharp - including surrounding sound environment. Recording interface: stereo microphone Rode NT4 placed outdoors, contact microphones Stille&Klang attached to gong and airharp leading via mixing desk Yamaha EFX8 to Sound Devices 722. Tuning-in instrument: “kwatar” (4-string fret less electric guitar with reverb'n'echoes) Complementary instruments: controlled bubbling devices (via hydrophone) and skyriter (amplified typewriter).

This release will be available only for duration of Cicada 17 Lifetime of Song.