CAA #9

The sounds of Jonas Gruska occur sharply out of nowhere, teasing the ears with their presence, and quietly dance around the focus before fading out again returning the listener to the oscillating soundscape. On this release you can hear fast moving and harsh musical patterns derived from the analog equipment mixed with contrasting slower patterns governing the processes of growth and aging.

These laboratory inspired compositions by Jonas Gruska are recorded in analog study of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. The fact adds a subtle presence to the surroundings — not in competition with the natural sounds, but complementing it: hinting at the unseen processes connected with the potential grain growth. The result is an experience that connects the listener to the hidden but ever present micro-world of granular activity and the underlying processes of the emergence of sound itself.


  1. Lunars
  2. Extresrial
  3. Solars

Released by Cyland in 2013 as web-released and lathe cut polycarbonate squares