Binmatu – Crystylys

BINMATU works on different levels than regular music. It has to be experienced for longer time. When you open your ears and eyes and perceive carefully, it reaches in the deepest corners of mind, through brain-twisting modulations of oscillators and hypnotizing visuals.

BINMATU is a 'priest of sound', delivering complex air pressure modulations towards ears, presenting certain degree of divine experience - connection with higher powers. Compared with regular priests, BINMATU uses visuals and sound - direct touch on a distance.

Sound is an intimate power, happening on our eardrums… few millimeters from our brain, dwelling of the soul. Eardrums and eyes are gates, BINMATU passes through without asking and performs its holy purpose.

BINMATU is a part of greater spiritual theory, about purpose of sound and about its mediation powers of connecting etheric and physical.

Sound sounds, it isn't.


  1. Crystylys I
  2. Crystylys II
  3. Crystylys III
  4. Crystylys IV
  5. Crystylys V
  6. Crystylys VI
  7. Crystylys VII

Music and visuals by Jonas Gruska
Artwork by Zavoloka
Released by Kvitnu in 2013 as web-released and DVD