Federovo is an album about our trip to a small wooden hut in the mountains of Slovakia. No electricity, no running water – just meadows, pastures and woodlands. Album contains various representations of biophony and anthropophony. Experimental close-up grass insect recordings, mixed with distant hums of cargo trains travelling few kilometres through the valley, sheep-bell drones, short story about making tea on a wooden stove, village party echoes and night walk through the forest with two girls singing and complaining, slightly scared of bears.

Present meadow experiments are about capturing micro worlds in the grass. Very sensitive and low-noise microphones are placed amongst the microcosm of the fauna and set to capture long recording sessions, since it takes a while until the local environment accepts the microphone intruders and starts to sing again. One can hear detailed crackles of the grass itself and small insect footsteps accompanied by occasional fly or a bee.

Recorded in Federovo near Stankovany village, Slovakia in June 2017.


  1. Dvíha sa vietor
  2. Žaškovský salaš
  3. Varí sa čaj
  4. Federovská lúka
  5. Svätojánska zábava
  6. Výstup

Self-released in 2018