Kvílenia Bratislavy

This release consists of two separate topics, sharing a certain screechy quality.

The first part is dedicated mostly to the door at the entrance of Hlavná pošta, the main and biggest post office in Slovakia. These doors remain engraved in every ear which passes through, since they hold a very unique sonic footprint.

The second part is about trams in tram tracks. Its motion presents very recognizable screeching, accompanied with heavy sounds of wheels and delicate clicks and clacks of the inner mechanics.

Since the album contains a lot of binaural recordings, headphone listening is recommended for the best experience.


  1. Hlavná Pošta Bratislava
  2. Entrance Door At Hlavná Pošta
  3. Električky
  4. Električky From Ants Perspective

Released by Sonospace in 2015