Mrkva / Bolka

Fellow mortal, we would like to introduce you to the best release ever released. Well… at least the best release from this week’s batch of Slovakian experimental electronic music releases. This life-changing split will prepare you for the inevitable near future when interactions with swarms of nanotech insects will be a common part of your daily life.

But the artificial high frequencies of little flapping wings are merely one facet of the whole. There is also a lot happening in the mid and lower spectrums which opens this album up to other interpretations. There are various possible evocative outcomes dependent on your listening setting. As a musick to play in the dark of your own home, this album can help channel your inner insect. But when listening outside of the security of your hive, these compositions can bring inanimate objects to life. Whether it is a warm drone of death embracing the last explosions of melting thoughts (Mrkva – Anders), or field recordings of walking barefoot through frozen grass (Bolka – Kostrbatá stopa), this album has much to offer for a tuned-in listener. And even if you can recognize the sound of water dripping into a sink (such a drag), it is still 120% better than that student movie about a girl who puts spaghetti into her panties.

Two Slovakian composers created this split as a first release for the Lom label (the 0th release was a compilation of various artists). Mrkva (Jonáš Gruska) is the mastermind behind the Lom label with a very wide array of activities (including, for instance, modular gardening and DIY electronics). Bolka (Matúš Kobolka) is known as the hot guy who is into glitchy microtonal compositions and whose cap has a very wide fanbase.


  1. Mrkva - SNAISS ERPMI
  2. Mrkva - MROWS
  3. Mrkva - INUITIS
  4. Mrkva - ANDERS
  5. Bolka - Kostrbatá stopa
  6. Bolka - LĽĹ
  7. Bolka - 03

Many thanks to Andrej Chudý, Michal Ingeli and Norman Teale Released by LOM in 2012 as web-released and CD