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 +====== Site Specific Resonances II ======
 +<WRAP group>
 +<WRAP half column>
 +{{ :​discography:​a0202044906_10.jpg?​nolink |}}
 +<WRAP half column>
 +<​html><​iframe style="​border:​ 0; width: 100%; height: 120px;"​ src="​https://​bandcamp.com/​EmbeddedPlayer/​album=1308950854/​size=large/​bgcol=ffffff/​linkcol=2ebd35/​tracklist=false/​artwork=none/​transparent=true/"​ seamless><​a href="​http://​zvukolom.bandcamp.com/​album/​site-specific-resonances-ii">​Site Specific Resonances II by Jonáš Gruska</​a></​iframe></​html>​
 +"Site Specific Resonances II" is a compilation of compositions from sound installation made by Jonáš Gruska. The work has been created specifically for the acoustic and atmosphere of the unused laundry hall in the psychiatric hospital Bohnice in Prague, Czech Republic.
 +  - I
 +  - II
 +  - III
 +  - IV
 +  - V
 +  - VI
 +Mastering by Angakok Thoth\\
 +Thanks to Leo Svirsky\\
 +Released by LOM in 2013\\