ZUŠ is the product of my fascination with the soundscapes of primary music school. As a very young, classical guitar student, I used to sit and wait for my lessons amidst the sounds and music of fellow students practicing and learning behind the doors in front of me. At the time, I didn't find those sounds pleasant or interesting. But they somehow stuck with me and recently I have even come to experience a specific type of nostalgia for them. This lead to my decision to revisit my former school and undertake a series of field recordings, aiming to capture its unique sonic environment.

The resulting tracks oscillate between the boundaries of unintended contemporary composition and noise – where two or three seemingly unrelated songs, practiced behind the closed doors interweave through the corridor into singular musical experience, with the grotesque and adorable attempts of the students in the concert setting or a simple frolic on the keys of a piano.

All recordings were purposefully made in corridors, through doors or windows. This results in a specific “muffled” sound quality, which I decided to keep present – staying true to the reality of the experience. I recommend you listen at low volumes on good quality headphones for the best experience.


  1. Vonku
  2. Rozospievanie
  3. Moment
  4. Podkrovie
  5. Prvá doba, druhá doba
  6. Koncert prvákov I.
  7. Koncert prvákov II.
  8. Teplo

Self-released in 2017
Special thanks to Peter Meanwell