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-====== Frequently asked questions ====== 
-==== When will the next batch of Elektrosluch/​Uši be ready? ==== 
-Sign-up for [[http://​eepurl.com/​QPxY5|this mailing list]] to stay updated on new batches. 
-We are a small company and we don't want to sacrifice the quality by speeding up our manufacturing process or outsourcing. That means that we unfortunately have to close our pre-orders once in a while, so we can get some time to serve the current customers. 
-**There are no exact estimates on dates of future batches**. Please keep your eye on the mailing-list. 
-==== When will you ship my order? ==== 
-Shipping schedule (as of 11. 8. 2016) 
-^ Product ^ Scheduled shipping estimate ^ 
-| Uši, Uši Pro, Uši phantom adapter, Elektrouši | Beginning of October 2016 | 
-If your order combines products with various shipping estimates, it will be shipped according to the later one. 
-If you have any questions or address change requests, please contact us via [[https://​lom.freshdesk.com/​support/​tickets/​new|support ticket]]. 
-==== What is the recommended wind protection for Uši (Pro)? ==== 
-We recommend [[https://​www.bubblebeeindustries.com/​collections/​wind-protection/​products/​bubblebee-industries-the-twin-windbubbles-1|Bubbles]] (size 4) by Bubblebee Industries. You can also make your own with bits of faux fur.