Radiátory (Site Specific Resonances VI.)

Site-specific installation for two cast-iron radiators, temporarily converted to unique speakers. Radiators were performing a set of compositions inspired by the acoustics of the space and the radiators themselves, Indonesian gamelan and by common radiator sounds.

Basis of the compositions are frequencies 232.1 Hz, 240.7 Hz, 339 Hz and 347 Hz, which happen to be best sounding ones in this particular constellation. Since the acoustic properties of the two radiators are slightly varying, the combination of the resulting resonant frequencies creates characteristic “beating” effect. This effect is changing in regard to listeners position. It was recommended for the listener to move around in the environment to experience all different variations. Similar effect is heavily used in Indonesian gamelan, where this effect is presented as the divine dimension of the performance.

Location: Oblastní galerie Vysočiny v Jihlavě, Czech Republic
Date: 8. 9. - 16. 10. 2016