Riečně (collaboration with Alexandra Cihanská Machová)

Site-specific sound installation for historical “sun-bathing spa” in Luhačovice, Czech republic. Main idea of the work was the decontextualisation of the sounds of its own specific environment and experimenting with contrasting listening situations, dealing with intimacy and public listening.

All used sounds were recorded during several days and nights in various parts of the spa and consequently processed and reproduced in two distinctive listening positions: three petite drawers hidden in change-room like departments alongside the spa versus public address system imitating experience, imitating experience of village broadcasting systems from the past.

Conceptually we were fascinated by the fact, that the spa is currently basically dead, since the main attraction – swimming pool is not suitable for humans due to harmful plants – contamination. We tried to examine the possible return of the clear waters, river where the water is sourced and the general idea of resuscitation, rejuvenation. That is why we decided to record a lot of the sounds in the water itself, and bring it to the attention of the visitors and listeners.

Location: Sluneční lázne, Luhačovice, Czech Republic
Date: 29. 6. – 2. 7. 2017

Riečně – Amplióny (original track played through the PA)

Drawer photo © Marcel