Triaxial Magnetic Chant

A study focused on the electromagnetic dimension of our reality — very long waves. Three axes/antennae search for a song of axis mundi – the fourth, essential cosmic axis. Resonances of chaotic systems, synthesis of balanced and content points.

I have been preoccupied with the phenomenon of the electromagnetic dimension of our reality for some time now. Picking where the works of people such as Chris Galarreta or Christina Kubisch left off, six years ago, I constructed Elektrosluch, an open-source device that allows reaching electromagnetic waves in a sonic manner. I have remained fascinated by them ever since. I see uncovering of this hidden part of reality as a research of sorts, and I believe that people with whom I share the technology feel the same way. Together, we explore the world through this special prism and share our discoveries. We do need a lot of words, sound is the medium of communication and our ears (and the connected organs) are excellent analyzers – they can break down a single continuous vibration of the ear drum into a field of varied and, above all, seemingly independent sound structures. Electromagnetic reality in the contemporary urban environment is extremely rich and dense. The electronics around us generates its specific aura – at times monotonously drowsy, at other times densely rhythmical, even melodic. The electromagnetic field is most of the time a byproduct of their main function and is therefore (with the exception of safety concerns) not given much consideration. If, however, we start to listen to it, we become the audience of their (often) never-ending performance. The given electronic device one listens to was not designed with this purpose, yet the constructor in this way becomes a composer to us and its electromagnetic field turns into a composition.

I remember a trip on a trolleybus where I decided to listen to its electromagnetic field. The wailing solo melodies distinctly overlapped with a harmonic drone. The driver at that moment was a sort of performer to me – without being aware of it, he was creating a musical experience for me, determined by the traffic around, the traffic lights, as well as his own decisions. I later tried to replicate the experience by means of a live performance on a trolleybus line 203 where I used a portable sound system to sonify its electromagnetic songs live (and during the ride). That way, between the line's stops enthusiasts of electromagnetic noise met puzzled commuters. I am myself not sure what exactly the point of the performance was – for me I guess mainly the desire to share this incursion – the joy of discovery, but I can also imagine it as an effort to point out the existence of electromagnetic smog.

Triaxial magnetic chants is a continuation of my research and exploration. The construction allows for capturing of the electromagnetic field along all axes. Delicate wound coils listen and scan. They help me in my search for the fourth axis – the axis mundi, an imaginary point of connection between heaven and earth, the key phenomenon of the world religions, the connection between the ethereal and the material. A search for an anchoring point, stability and balance of systems. Electromagnetism is hidden from our senses, but the antenna serves to capture it – the intractable is transformed into something audible – and knowable.

Location: Plusmínus gallery, Žilina, Slovakia
Date: 21. 6.–29. 7. 2018