Mycology beginner guide

A short guide for beginner mycology enthusiasts, mainly from central Europe. Always open for recommendations!


Getting a good local mushroom id guide is a must.

Recommended book guides for Europe:

Recommended web guide for Czechoslovak context:

If you want to use your smartphone for identification, I personally recommend using iNaturalist app – but never trust it 100%, always verify the results it suggests with proper ID guide.

⚠️ Start here → Radical Mycology Webinar 1: Seeing Fungi + Radical Mycology Webinar 2: Working With Fungi

Watching 🎬

Reading 📖

  • Peter McCoy – Radical Mycology: A Treatise on Seeing & Working with Fungi
  • Paul Stamets – Mycelium running


  • 1000x magnification is necessary for observing spores and cystidia (key features for id)
  • good and quality lens can be sourced second hand on eBay – “plan” type has the least distortion