Selected works

(Sound) installations

  • Imaginary hydrophonics of Chorvátske rameno • Solo exhibtion at Hot Dock gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Triaxial Magnetic Chant • Sound installation about triaxial magnetic antenna looking for Axis Mundi, Plusmínus gallery, Žilina, Slovakia
  • 02/52492084 • Sound installation for telephone headsets, Hovorny, Opava, Czech Republic
  • Riečně • Collaboration with Alexandra Cihanská Machová. Sound installation for three drawers and PA system, Luhovaný vincent, Luhačovice, Czech Republic
  • Pokus 0 • Sound installation for three metallic plates, Meetfactory, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Radiátory (Site Specific Resonances VI.) • Sound installation for cast iron radiators, Jihlava, Czech Republic
  • Site Specific Resonances V. • Sound installation for old ventilation system of post building, Vienna, Austria
  • Dvere (Site Specific Resonances IV.) • Sound installation for old metallic door, Zlin, Czech Republic
  • Site Specific Resonances II. • Sound installation for old ventilation system in psychiatric ward, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Phasolume • Robotic fireflies, Cracow, Poland

Selected performances

  • Fontána Rodina • Live performance at “Mushroom” fountain, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Passage (Site Specific Resonances VIII.) • Live performance using tunnel as an instrument an a speaker, Bergen, Norway
  • Fontána (Site Specific Resonances VII.) • Live performance on “Družba”, metallic fountain on Námestie Slobody, Bratislava
  • Elektromagnetický trolejbus • Live performance in trolleybus
  • Kolokoly • Live performance on bells at Kamenné námestie in Bratislava.
  • Rúry (Site Specific Resonances III.) • Live performance on ventillation tubes in front of soviet-era marketplace.


  • Priezor • Open-source passive magnetic antenna for electromagnetic listening]]
  • (mikro)Uši microphones • Low-noise omnidirectional microphones
  • Elektrosluch • Electromagnetic listening device
  • Jono • Experimental software instrument inspired by modular synthesizers
  • System monitor • Graphic-card glitch exploitation


  • Automaton • cellular automaton inspired artworks